The urinary bladder meridian is a yang channel and is paired kidney yin channel. The element is water and the urinary bladder system controls the storage and excrement of urine from the body. The urinary bladder meridian is the largest meridian in the body. The Shu points have strong connections to the corresponding organs and can be used to treat certain conditions in the organs.

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Important Urinary Bladder meridian points-

UB2 Bamboo Gathering – Can be used to relieve pain and pressure from the sinuses and the front of the head.

UB10 Celestial Pillar – This point is frequently used to clear wind and can be used to treat migraines and neck aches

UB11 Great Shuttle – Has a variety of uses such as treating asthma, cough, occipital headaches and joint disorders.

UB13 Lung Shu – is a Shu point of the lung and can be used to treat asthma, cough and various other lung illnesses.

UB15 Heart Shu – is a Shu point of the heart and can be used to treat heart diseases and mental imbalances such as anxiety and depression.

UB17 Diaphragm Shu – is a Shu point of the diaphragm and can be used to treat breathing disorders such as asthma and is beneficial for opening up the flow of blood to the lower chest area.

UB18 Liver Shu – is a Shu point of the liver and can be used to clear dampness and excessive heat in the liver and is beneficial for liver imbalances.

UB19 Gall Bladder Shu – is a Shu point of the gall bladder and can be used to relieve excess heat and dampness from the gall bladder and treat fever, chills and nausea.

UB20 Spleen Shu – is a Shu point of the spleen and can be used to strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourishes the blood, and is beneficial for many stomach disorders.

UB21 Stomach Shu – is a Shu point of the stomach and can be used to treat a wide variety of stomach disorders such as digestion problems and gas.

UB23 Kidney Shu – is a Shu point of the kidney and can be very beneficial for urogenital disorders

UB25 Large Intestine Shu – is a Shu point of the large intestine and can be used to treat disorders in the large intestine such as diarrhea and constipation.

UB27 Small Intestine Shu – is a Shu point of the small intestine and can be used to treat intestinal disorders and is a beneficial point for sciatica.

UB28 Bladder Shu – is a Shu point of the bladder and can be used to treat urogenital disorders, lower back pain and sciatica.

UB40 Bend Middle – is often used to promote flow in the urinary bladder meridian and frequently used to help lower back pain.

UB62 Extending Vessel – this point is frequently used to help with mental imbalances and sleep disorders.

List of Urinary Bladder meridian points-

UB1 Urinary Bladder 1
Chinese Name – Jing Ming Western Name – Bright Eyes

UB2 Urinary Bladder2
Chinese Name – Zan Zhu Western Name – Bamboo Gathering

UB3 Urinary Bladder3
Chinese Name – Mei Chong Western Name – Eyebrow Ascension

UB4 Urinary Bladder4
Chinese Name – Qu Chai Western Name – Deviating Turn

UB5 Urinary Bladder5
Chinese Name – Wu Chu Western Name – Fifth Place

UB6 Urinary Bladder6
Chinese Name – Cheng Guang Western Name – Light Guard

UB7 Urinary Bladder7
Chinese Name – Tong Tian Western Name – Celestial Connection

UB8 Urinary Bladder8
Chinese Name – Luo Que Western Name – Declining Connection

UB9 Urinary Bladder9
Chinese Name – Yu Zhen Western Name – Jade Pillow

UB10 Urinary Bladder10
Chinese Name – Tian Zhu Western Name – Celestial Pillar

UB11 Urinary Bladder11
Chinese Name – Da Zhu Western Name – Great Shuttle

UB12 Urinary Bladder12
Chinese Name – Feng Men Western Name – Wind Gate

UB13 Urinary Bladder13
Chinese Name – Fei Shu Western Name – Lung Shu

UB14 Urinary Bladder14
Chinese Name – Jue Yin Shu Western Name – Pericardium Shu

UB15 Urinary Bladder15
Chinese Name – Xin Shu Western Name – Heart Shu

UB16 Urinary Bladder16
Chinese Name – Du Shu Western Name – Governing Shu

UB17 Urinary Bladder17
Chinese Name – Ge Shu Western Name – Diaphragm Shu

UB18 Urinary Bladder18
Chinese Name – Gan Shu Western Name – Liver Shu

UB19 Urinary Bladder19
Chinese Name – Dan Shu Western Name – Gall Bladder Shu

UB20 Urinary Bladder20
Chinese Name – Pi Shu Western Name – Spleen Shu

UB21 Urinary Bladder21
Chinese Name – Wei Shu Western Name – Stomach Shu

UB22 Urinary Bladder22
Chinese Name – San Jiao Shu Western Name – Triple Burner Shu

UB23 Urinary Bladder23
Chinese Name – Shen Shu Western Name – Kidney Shu

UB24 Urinary Bladder24
Chinese Name – Qi Hai Shu Western Name – Sea of Qi Shu

UB25 Urinary Bladder25
Chinese Name – Da Chang Shu Western Name – Large Intestine Shu

UB26 Urinary Bladder26
Chinese Name – Guan Yuan Shu Western Name – Origin Pass Shu

UB27 Urinary Bladder27
Chinese Name – Xiao Chang Shu Western Name – Small Intestine Shu

UB28 Urinary Bladder28
Chinese Name – Pang Guang Shu Western Name – Bladder Shu

UB29 Urinary Bladder29
Chinese Name – Zhong Lu Shu Western Name – Central Backbone Shu

UB30 Urinary Bladder30
Chinese Name – Bai Huan Shu Western Name – White Ring Shu

UB31 Urinary Bladder31
Chinese Name – Shang Liao Western Name – Upper Bone Hole

UB32 Urinary Bladder32
Chinese Name – Ci Liao Western Name – Second Bone Hole

UB33 Urinary Bladder33
Chinese Name – Zhong Liao Western Name – Central Bone Hole

UB34 Urinary Bladder34
Chinese Name – Xia Liao Western Name – Lower Bone Hole

UB35 Urinary Bladder35
Chinese Name – Hui Yang Western Name – Meeting of the Yang

UB36 Urinary Bladder36
Chinese Name – Cheng Fu Western Name – Support

UB37 Urinary Bladder37
Chinese Name – Yin Men Western Name – Gate of Abundance

UB38 Urinary Bladder38
Chinese Name – Fu Xi Western Name – Superficial Cleft

UB39 Urinary Bladder39
Chinese Name – Wei Yang Western Name – Bend Yang

UB40 Urinary Bladder40
Chinese Name – Wei Zhong Western Name – Bend Middle

UB41 Urinary Bladder41
Chinese Name – Fu Fen Western Name – Attached Branch

UB42 Urinary Bladder42
Chinese Name – Po Hu Western Name – Door of the Corporeal Soul

UB43 Urinary Bladder43
Chinese Name – Gao Huan Shu Western Name – Vital Center Shu

UB44 Urinary Bladder44
Chinese Name – Shen Tang Western Name – Spirit Hall

UB45 Urinary Bladder45
Chinese Name – Yi Xi Western Name – Yi Xi

UB46 Urinary Bladder46
Chinese Name – Ge Guan Western Name – Diaphragm Pass

UB47 Urinary Bladder47
Chinese Name – Hun Men Western Name – Hun Gate

UB48 Urinary Bladder48
Chinese Name – Yang Gang Western Name – Yang Headrope

UB49 Urinary Bladder49
Chinese Name – Yi She Western Name – Reflexion Abode

UB50 Urinary Bladder50
Chinese Name – Wei Cang Western Name – Stomach Granary

UB51 Urinary Bladder51
Chinese Name – Huang Men Western Name – Huang Gate

UB52 Urinary Bladder52
Chinese Name – Zhi Shi Western Name – Will Chamber

UB53 Urinary Bladder53
Chinese Name – Bao Huang Western Name – Bladder Huang

UB54 Urinary Bladder54
Chinese Name – Zhi Bian Western Name – Sequential Limit

UB55 Urinary Bladder55
Chinese Name – Hey Yng Western Name – Yang Union

UB56 Urinary Bladder56
Chinese Name – Cheng Jin Western Name – Sinew Support

UB57 Urinary Bladder57
Chinese Name – Cheng Shan Western Name – Mountain Support

UB58 Urinary Bladder58
Chinese Name – Fei Yang Western Name – Taking Flight

UB59 Urinary Bladder59
Chinese Name – Fu Yang Western Name – Instep Yang

UB60 Urinary Bladder60
Chinese Name – Kun Lun Western Name – Kun Lun Mountains

UB61 Urinary Bladder61
Chinese Name – Pu Can Western Name – Subservient Visitor

UB62 Urinary Bladder62
Chinese Name – Shen Mai Western Name – Extending Vessel

UB63 Urinary Bladder63
Chinese Name – Jin Men Western Name – Metal Gate

UB64 Urinary Bladder64
Chinese Name – Jing Gu Western Name – Capital Bone

UB65 Urinary Bladder65
Chinese Name – Shu Gu Western Name – Bundle Bone

UB66 Urinary Bladder66
Chinese Name – Tong Gu Western Name – Valley Passage

UB67 Urinary Bladder67
Chinese Name – Zhi Yin Western Name – Reaching Yin