The triple heater meridian is a yang meridian and is paired with the pericardium yin meridian. The triple heater meridian gets its name from having 3 heating sections. The upper section is in the head and neck area, the middle section is in the chest area and the bottom section is in the navel area. The job of the Triple Heater Meridian is to regulate the flow of energy in these three regions.

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Important Triple Heater Meridian points-

TH3 Central Islet – This point is frequently used for disorders in the ears such as tinnitus and deafness.

TH5 Outer Pass – this is a very important point for many general imbalances such as migraines, common colds, fevers and arthritis

TH6 Branch Ditch – this point can be used for chest pain and to relieve extra heat in the lower region that can lead to constipation.

TH8 Three Yang Connection – this is an important point for treating various types of chest pain.

TH14 Shoulder Bone Hole – this is an important point that can be used to help shoulder problems and pain.

TH17 Wind Screen – this point is frequently used to treat ear conditions such as aches, infections and ringing.

List of Triple Heater Meridian points-

TH1 Triple Heater1
Chinese Name – Guan Chong Western Name – Passage Hub

TH2 Triple Heater2
Chinese Name – Ye Men Western Name – Humor Gate

TH3 Triple Heater3
Chinese Name – Zhong Zhu Western Name – Central Islet

TH4 Triple Heater4
Chinese Name – Yang Chi Western Name – Yang Pool

TH5 Triple Heater5
Chinese Name – Wai Guan Western Name – Outer Pass

TH6 Triple Heater6
Chinese Name – Zhi Gou Western Name – Branch Ditch

TH7 Triple Heater7
Chinese Name – Hui Zong Western Name – Convergence and Gathering

TH8 Triple Heater8
Chinese Name – San Yang Luo Western Name – Three Yang Connection

TH9 Triple Heater9
Chinese Name – Si Du Western Name – Four Rivers

TH10 Triple Heater10
Chinese Name – Tian Jing Western Name – Celestial Well

TH11 Triple Heater11
Chinese Name – Qing Leng Yuan Western Name – Clear Cold Abyss

TH12 Triple Heater12
Chinese Name – Xiao Luo Western Name – Dispersing Riverbed

TH13 Triple Heater13
Chinese Name – Nao Hui Western Name – Upper Arm Convergence

TH14 Triple Heater14
Chinese Name – Jian Liao Western Name – Shoulder Bone Hole

TH15 Triple Heater15
Chinese Name – Tian Liao Western Name – Celestial Bone Hole

TH16 Triple Heater16
Chinese Name – Tian You Western Name – Celestial Oriole

TH17 Triple Heater17
Chinese Name – Yi Feng Western Name – Wind Screen

TH18 Triple Heater18
Chinese Name – Qi Mai Western Name – Spasm Vessel

TH19 Triple Heater19
Chinese Name – Lu Xi Western Name – Skull’s Rest

TH20 Triple Heater20
Chinese Name – Jiao Sun Western Name – Angle Vertex

TH21 Triple Heater21
Chinese Name – Er Men Western Name – Anterior to the ear

TH22 Triple Heater22
Chinese Name – He Liao Western Name – Ear Gate

TH23 Triple Heater23
Chinese Name – Si Zhu Kong Western Name – Silk Bamboo Hole