The stomach meridian is a yang meridian and paired with the spleen yin meridian. Both meridians are earth elements and work together to process nutrients and feed the body. Unbalances in the stomach meridian can manifest as problems such upset stomach, excessive hunger, or poor appetite.

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Important Stomach Meridian points-

ST1 thru ST8 – These points are all on the face and head and are often used for the many disorders in the head and face area such as toothaches, headaches, eye disorders and sinus problems.

ST21 – ST25 – ST29 – These are all important points on the abdominal region and are frequently used for imbalances in that area such as upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea.

ST36 – This is a very powerful and frequently used acupuncture point that is helpful for a number of imbalances in the abdominal region as well as strengthening the blood and the energy in the stomach meridian.

ST40 – this point is often used to dissipate excessive heat and dampness from the stomach meridian and helps clear unfocused thinking and many abdominal disorders.

ST44 – This is a very important and well-used general analgesic point used for toothaches, headaches, as well as discomforts in the abdominal region.

List of Stomach Intestine Meridian points-

ST1 Stomach1
Chinese Name – Cheng Qi Western Name – Tear Container

ST2 Stomach2
Chinese Name – Si Bai Western Name – Four Whites

ST3 Stomach3
Chinese Name – Ju Liao Western Name – Great Bone Hole

ST4 Stomach4
Chinese Name – Di Cang Western Name – Earth Granary

ST5 Stomach5
Chinese Name – Da Ying Western Name – Great Reception

ST6 Stomach6
Chinese Name – Jia Che Western Name – Jaw Bone

ST7 Stomach7
Chinese Name – Xia Guan Western Name – Below the Joint

ST8 Stomach8
Chinese Name – Tou Wei Western Name – Head Corner

ST9 Stomach9
Chinese Name – Ren Ying Western Name – Man’s Prognosis

ST10 Stomach10
Chinese Name – Shui Tu Western Name – Water Prominence

ST11 Stomach11
Chinese Name – Qi She Western Name – Qi Abode

ST12 Stomach12
Chinese Name – Qi She Western Name – Empty Basin

ST13 Stomach13
Chinese Name – Qi Hu Western Name – Qi Door

ST14 Stomach14
Chinese Name – Ku Fang Western Name – Storeroom

ST15 Stomach15
Chinese Name – Wu Yi Western Name – Roof

ST16 Stomach16
Chinese Name – Ying Chuang Western Name – Breast Window

ST17 Stomach17
Chinese Name – Ru Zhong Western Name – Breast Center

ST18 Stomach18
Chinese Name – Ru Gen Western Name – Breast Root

ST19 Stomach19
Chinese Name – Bu Rong Western Name – Not Contained

ST20 Stomach20
Chinese Name – Cheng Man Western Name – Assuming Fullness

ST21 Stomach21
Chinese Name – Liang Men Western Name – Beam Gate

ST22 Stomach22
Chinese Name – Guan Men Western Name – Pass Gate

ST23 Stomach23
Chinese Name – Tai Yi Western Name – Supreme Unity

ST24 Stomach24
Chinese Name – Hua Rou Men Western Name – Slippery Flesh Gate

ST25 Stomach25
Chinese Name – Tian Shu Western Name – Celestial Pivot

ST26 Stomach26
Chinese Name – Wai Ling Western Name – Outer Mound

ST27 Stomach27
Chinese Name – Da Ju Western Name – Great Gigantic

ST28 Stomach28
Chinese Name – Shui Dao Western Name – Waterway

ST29 Stomach29
Chinese Name – Gui Lai Western Name – Return

ST30 Stomach30
Chinese Name – Qi Chong Western Name – Surging Qi

ST31 Stomach31
Chinese Name – Bi Guan Western Name – Thigh Joint

ST32 Stomach32
Chinese Name – Fu Tu Western Name – Crouching Rabbit

ST33 Stomach33
Chinese Name – Yin Shi Western Name – Yin Market

ST34 Stomach34
Chinese Name – Liang Qiu Western Name – Beam Hill

ST35 Stomach35
Chinese Name – Du Bi Western Name – Calf’s Nose

ST36 Stomach36
Chinese Name – Zu San Li Western Name – Leg Three Li

ST37 Stomach37
Chinese Name – Shang Ju Xu Western Name – Upper Great Hollow

ST38 Stomach38
Chinese Name – Tiao Kou Western Name – Ribbon Opening

ST39 Stomach39
Chinese Name – Xia Ju Xu Western Name – Lower Great Hollow

ST40 Stomach40
Chinese Name – Feng Long Western Name – Bountiful Bulge

ST41 Stomach41
Chinese Name – Jie Xi Western Name – Ravine Divide

ST42 Stomach42
Chinese Name – Chong Yang Western Name – Surging Yang

ST43 Stomach43
Chinese Name – Xian Gu Western Name – Sunken Valley

ST44 Stomach44
Chinese Name – Nei Ting Western Name – Inner Court

ST45 Stomach45
Chinese Name – Li Dui Western Name – Severe Mouth