The spleen meridian is a yin meridian and is paired with the stomach yang meridian. The spleen meridian is an earth element and has strong nurturing qualities. Being paired to the stomach meridian and having nourishment qualities, imbalances in this meridian can manifest as digestive and stomach problems.

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Important Spleen Meridian points-

SP4 Yellow Emperor- This point passes to the stomach meridian and is used to treat a number of imbalances associated with the digestive system. It also dispenses excess heat and dampness in the spleen meridian.

SP6 Three Yin Crossing- This point is where the 3 yin meridians in the ankles (spleen, kidney, liver) cross. This point is used in many acupuncture treatments for disorders in all 3 of the meridians that cross here.

SP9 Yin Mound Spring- This point is used to clear dampness in the spleen meridian and also for knee problems such as inflammation and pain.

SP10 Sea of Blood- This is an important immune strengthening point and is used for a variety of disorders such as blood infections, allergies and skin infections.

SP15 Great Horizontal- This point is used frequently for disorders such as constipation, gas and diarrhea.

List of Spleen Intestine Meridian points-

SP1 Spleen1
Chinese Name – Yin Ba Western Name – Hidden White

SP2 Spleen2
Chinese Name – Da Du Western Name – Great Metropolis

SP3 Spleen3
Chinese Name – Tai Bai Western Name – Supreme White

SP4 Spleen4
Chinese Name – Gong Sun Western Name – Yellow Emperor

SP5 Spleen5
Chinese Name – Shang Qui Western Name – Shang Hill

SP6 Spleen6
Chinese Name – San Yin Jiao Western Name – Three Yin Crossing

SP7 Spleen7
Chinese Name – Lou Gu Western Name – Leaking Valley

SP8 Spleen8
Chinese Name – Di Ji Western Name – Earth’s Crux

SP9 Spleen9
Chinese Name – Yin Ling Quan Western Name – Yin Mound Spring

SP10 Spleen10
Chinese Name – Xue Hai Western Name – Sea of Blood

SP11 Spleen11
Chinese Name – Ji Men Western Name – Winnower Gate

SP12 Spleen12
Chinese Name – Chong Men Western Name – Surging Gate

SP13 Spleen13
Chinese Name – Fu She Western Name – Bowel Abode

SP14 Spleen14
Chinese Name – Fu Jie Western Name – Abdominal Bind

SP15 Spleen15
Chinese Name – Da Heng Western Name – Great Horizontal

SP16 Spleen16
Chinese Name – Fu Ai Western Name – Abdominal Lament

SP17 Spleen17
Chinese Name – Shi Dou Western Name – Food Hole

SP18 Spleen18
Chinese Name – Tian Xi Western Name – Celestial Ravine

SP19 Spleen19
Chinese Name – Xiong Xiang Western Name – Chest Village

SP20 Spleen20
Chinese Name – Zhou Rong Western Name – All Round Flourishing

SP21 Spleen21
Chinese Name – Da Bao Western Name – Great Embracement