The small intestine is a yang meridian and is paired with the heart yin meridian. The main job of the small intestine is to process the nutrients out of food for use by the body. Imbalances in the small intestine meridian can lead to problems such as digestion troubles, abdominal pain and also appetite problems such as over eating or poor appetite.

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Important Small Intestine meridian points-

SI-3 Back Ravine – This point is used frequently to clear wind and dampness. It is also used to help relieve tension in the neck area.

SI-6 Nursing the Aged – This point is used to help clear tension from the neck and shoulder area.

SI-9 True Shoulder – this point is used frequently to relieve shoulder problems such as stiffness and aches in the shoulder joint.

SI-18 Cheek Bone Hole – this point is used often to clear wind from the facial area and treat problems such as toothaches, frontal headaches and sinus problems

List of Small Intestine meridian points-

SI-1 Small Intestine1
Chinese Name – Shao Ze Western Name – Lesser Marsh

SI-2 Small Intestine2
Chinese Name – Qian Gu Western Name – Front Valley

SI-3 Small Intestine3
Chinese Name – Hou Xi Western Name – Back Ravine

SI-4 Small Intestine4
Chinese Name – Wan Gu Western Name – Wrist Bone

SI-5 Small Intestine5
Chinese Name – Yang Gu Western Name – Yang Valley

SI-6 Small Intestine6
Chinese Name – Yang Lao Western Name – Nursing the Aged

SI-7 Small Intestine7
Chinese Name – Zhi Zheng Western Name – Branch to the Correct

SI-8 Small Intestine8
Chinese Name – Xiao Hai Western Name – Small Sea

SI-9 Small Intestine9
Chinese Name – Jian Zhen Western Name – True Shoulder

SI-10 Small Intestine10
Chinese Name – Nao Shu Western Name – Upper Arm Shu

SI-11 Small Intestine11
Chinese Name – Tian Zong Western Name – Celestial Gathering

SI-12 Small Intestine12
Chinese Name – Bing Feng Western Name – Grasping the Wind

SI-13 Small Intestine13
Chinese Name – Qu Yaun Western Name – Crooked Wall

SI-14 Small Intestine14
Chinese Name – Jian Wai Shu Western Name – Outer Shoulder Shu

SI-15 Small Intestine15
Chinese Name – Jian Zhong Zhu Western Name – Central Shoulder Shu

SI-16 Small Intestine16
Chinese Name – Tian Chuang Western Name – Celestial Window

SI-17 Small Intestine17
Chinese Name – Tian Rong Western Name – Celestial Countenance

SI-18 Small Intestine18
Chinese Name – Quan Liao Western Name – Cheek Bone Hole

SI-19 Small Intestine19
Chinese Name – Ting Gong Western Name – Auditory Palace