The pericardium is a yin meridian a paired with the triple heater yang meridian. The main job of the pericardium meridian is to work with the heart and control excessive energy in the heart. Imbalances in the pericardium meridian can often times lead to cardiac and blood circulation problems.

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Important Pericardium meridian points-

PC4 Xi Gate – This point is used frequently to help control imbalances in the heart and circulatory system.

PC6 Inner Pass – is a helpful point in treating excessive heat in the upper abdominal region such as heartburn and ulcers.

PC7 Great Mound – this is a sedative point and is frequently used to treat mental conditions such as insomnia, schizophrenia and bi-polar conditions.

List of Pericardium meridian points-

PC1 Pericardium1
Chinese Name – Tian Chi Western Name – Celestial Pool

PC2 Pericardium2
Chinese Name – Tian Quan Western Name – Celestial Spring

PC3 Pericardium3
Chinese Name – Qu Ze Western Name – Marsh at the Bend

PC4 Pericardium4
Chinese Name – Xi Men Western Name – Xi Gate

PC5 Pericardium5
Chinese Name – Jian Shi Western Name – Intermediary Courier

PC6 Pericardium6
Chinese Name – Nei Guan Western Name – Inner Pass

PC7 Pericardium7
Chinese Name – Da Ling Western Name – Great Mound

PC8 Pericardium8 Meridian
Chinese Name – Lao Gong Western Name – Palace of Toil

PC9 Pericardium9
Chinese Name – Zhong Chong Western Name – Central Hub