The lung meridian is a yin meridian and is paired with the large intestine yang meridian. The lung meridian governs the lungs and breathing. On the inhale, the lungs take air from the universe and turn it into energy in the body and on the exhale they expel waste from the body.

The lungs are very sensitive to emotional feelings and turmoil. When people are experiencing excessive sadness and grief, this can lead to imbalances and illness in the lungs. The lungs are also sensitive to changes in the environment such wind, dampness and coldness. There is very little protection between the air we breathe and our lungs leaving them susceptible to imbalances in the lungs and the lung meridian when conditions are extreme.

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Important lung meridian points-

LU1 Central Treasury – This is an alarm point and is usually tender and sensitive when respiratory problems are present.

LU5 Cubit Marsh – This is a sedative point used for a calming affect and to cool excess energy.

LU7 Broken Sequence – This point is a powerful lung point and opens the surface of the body and can be used to get rid of excess cold and wind. It also connects to the large intestine

LU9 Great Abyss – This is an influential point for the vessels and one of the 8 influential points in the body. This point is a confluence for the lungs and the large intestine making it possible for both channels to be stimulated here.

LU11 Lesser Merchant – This point can be good for removing excess energy and can have a calming affect. This is a jing well point, which are usually only used in emergencies such as fainting or more sever acute problems because they are painful areas to needle.

List of lung meridian points-

LU1 Lung1
Chinese Name – Zhong Fu Western Name – Central Treasury

LU2 Lung2
Chinese Name – Yun Men Western Name – Cloud Gate

LU3 Lung3
Chinese Name – Tian Fu Western Name – Celestial Storehouse-

LU4 Lung4
Chinese Name – Xia Bai Western Name – Guarding White

LU5 Lung5
Chinese Name – Chi Ze Western Name – Cubit Marsh

LU6 Lung6
Chinese Name – Kong Zui Western Name – Collection Hole

LU7 Lung7
Chinese Name – Lie Que Western Name – Broken Sequence

LU8 Lung8
Chinese Name – Jing Qu Western Name – Channel Ditch

LU9 Lung9
Chinese Name – Tai Yuan Western Name – Great Abyss

LU10 Lung10
Chinese Name – Yu Ji Western Name – Fish Border

LU11 Lung11
Chinese Name – Shao Shang Western Name – Lesser Merchant