The liver meridian is a yin meridian and is paired with the gall bladder yang meridian. The main job of the liver meridian is to keep the energy in the entire body regulated. When there are deficiencies in the liver meridian, it can lead to depression and sluggishness. Over abundance of energy in the liver meridian can lead to anger, shouting and conflicts.

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Important Liver meridian points-

LV3 Great Surge – this is a very important point for the liver and gall bladder meridian. It is used to dissipate wind and treat a number of things such as headaches, hypertension and mental disorders

LV8 Spring at the Bend – this point can be used to strengthen the blood, expel excess heat and treat ailments such as knee pain and mental disturbances,

LV13 Item Gate – this point can be used to treat digestion disorders such as vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.

LV14 Cycle Gate – this point can be used for many imbalances in the chest area such as cough, chest pain and emotional problems like anger and irritability.

List of Liver meridian points-

LV1 Liver1
Chinese Name – Da Dun Western Name – Large Pile

LV2 Liver2
Chinese Name – Xing Jian Western Name – Moving Between

LV3 Liver3
Chinese Name – Tai Chong Western Name – Great Surge

LV4 Liver4
Chinese Name – Zhong Feng Western Name – Mound Center

LV5 Liver5
Chinese Name – Li Gou Western Name – Woodworm Canal

LV6 Liver6
Chinese Name – Zhong Du Western Name – Central Metropolis

LV7 Liver7
Chinese Name – Xi Guan Western Name – Knee Joint

LV8 Liver8
Chinese Name – Qu Quan Western Name – Spring at the Bend

LV9 Liver9
Chinese Name – Yin Bao Western Name – Yin Bladder

LV10 Liver10
Chinese Name – Zu Wu Li Western Name – Foot Five Li

LV11 Liver11
Chinese Name – Yin Lian Western Name – Yin Corner

LV12 Liver12
Chinese Name – Ji Mai Western Name – Urgent Pulse

LV13 Liver13
Chinese Name – Zhang Men Western Name – Item Gate

LV14 Liver14
Chinese Name – Qi Men Western Name – Cycle Gate