The large intestine meridian is a yang meridian and is paired with the lung yin meridian. The main function of the large intestine and its meridian is to process waste and pass it through the body. When there are blockages in the large intestine meridian, they often manifest as digestion and abdominal trouble because these processes are closely tied together.

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Important Large Intestine Meridian points-

LI-4 Union Valley- This is one of the most used points in acupuncture and it is a very important analgesic point. This point is often used in treating pain and can be used to treat pain in all parts of the body. It also promotes the flow of energy in the upper body and is good for treating coldness and dampness in the head and lungs.

LI-11 Pool at the Bend- This is a very important point in enhancing the immune system and is frequently used to treat colds and infections.

List of Large Intestine Meridian points-

LI-1 Large Intestine1
Chinese Name – Shang Yang Western Name – Metal Yang

LI-2 Large Intestine 2
Chinese Name – Er Jian Western Name – Second Space

LI-3 Large Intestine3
Chinese Name – San Jian Western Name – Third Space

LI-4 Large Intestine4
Chinese Name – He Gu Western Name – Union Valley

LI-5 Large Intestine5
Chinese Name – Yang Xi Western Name – Yang Ravine

LI-6 Large Intestine6
Chinese Name – Pian Li Western Name – Veering Passageway

LI-7 Large Intestine7
Chinese Name – Wen Liu Western Name – Warm Place

LI-8 Large Intestine8
Chinese Name – Xia Lian Western Name – Lower Ridge

LI-9 Large Intestine9
Chinese Name – Shang Lian Western Name – Upper Ridge

LI-10 Large Intestine10
Chinese Name – Shou San Li Western Name – Arm Three Li

LI-11 Large Intestine11
Chinese Name – Qu Chi Western Name – Pool at the Bend

LI-12 Large Intestine12
Chinese Name – Zhou Liao Western Name – Elbow Bone Hole

LI-13 Large Intestine13
Chinese Name – Shou Wu Li Western Name – Arm Five Li

LI-14 Large Intestine14
Chinese Name – Bi Nao Western Name – Upper Arm

LI-15 Large Intestine15
Chinese Name – Jian Yu Western Name – Shoulder Bone

LI-16 Large Intestine16
Chinese Name – Ju Gu Western Name – Great Bone

LI-17 Large Intestine17
Chinese Name – Tian Ding Western Name – Celestial Tripod

LI-18 Large Intestine18
Chinese Name – Fu Tu Western Name – Protuberance Assistant

LI-19 Large Intestine19
Chinese Name – He Liao Western Name – Grain Bone Hole

LI-20 Large Intestine20
Chinese Name – Ying Xiang Western Name – Welcome Frangrance