The kidney meridian is a yin meridian and is paired with the urinary bladder yang meridian. It is a water element and is very important in maintaining and processing your body’s fluids. One of the important functions the kidneys provide is to filter toxins out of the blood supply. Many illnesses, especially in the lungs, can be traced back to weak kidney energy and functions.

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Important Kidney Meridian points-

KD3 Great Ravine – This is a helpful point for many urogenital disorders and helps strengthen and balance the energy in the kidney meridian.

KD6 Shining Sea – This is a frequently used point for clearing excessive heat in the kidney meridian and is used to treat a number of imbalances such as menstrual pain, insomnia and restlessness.

KD7 Recover Flown – this point is helpful to strengthen the yang energy in the kidney meridian and is helpful for treating lower back pain and bladder problems.

List of Kidney Meridian points-

KD1 Kidney1
Chinese Name – Yong Quan Western Name – Gushing Spring

KD2 Kidney2
Chinese Name – Ran Gu Western Name – Blazing Valley

KD3 Kidney3
Chinese Name – Tai Xi Western Name – Great Ravine

KD4 Kidney4
Chinese Name – Da Zhong Western Name – Large Goblet

KD5 Kidney5
Chinese Name – Shui quan Western Name – Water Spring

KD6 Kidney6
Chinese Name – Zhao Hai Western Name – Shining Sea

KD7 Kidney7
Chinese Name – Fu Liu Western Name – Recover Flow

KD8 Kidney8
Chinese Name – Jiao Xin Western Name – Intersecting Reach

KD9 Kidney9
Chinese Name – Zhu Bin Western Name – Guest House

KD10 Kidney10
Chinese Name – Yin Gu Western Name – Yin Valley

KD11 Kidney11
Chinese Name – Heng Gu Western Name – Pubic Bone

KD12 Kidney12
Chinese Name – Da He Western Name – Great Manifestation

KD13 Kidney13
Chinese Name – Qi Xue Western Name – Qi Hole

KD14 Kidney14
Chinese Name – Si Man Western Name – Fourfold Fullness

KD15 Kidney15
Chinese Name – Zhong Zhu Western Name – Central Flow

KD16 Kidney16
Chinese Name – Huan Shu Western Name – Shu of Abdominal Fu

KD17 Kidney17
Chinese Name – Shang Qu Western Name – Shang Bend

KD18 Kidney18
Chinese Name – Shi Guan Western Name – Stone Pass

KD19 Kidney19
Chinese Name – Yin Du Western Name – Yin Metropolis

KD20 Kidney20
Chinese Name – Tong Gu Western Name – Open Valley

KD21 Kidney21
Chinese Name – You Men Western Name – Dark Gate

KD22 Kidney22
Chinese Name – Bu Lang Western Name – Corridor Walk

KD23 Kidney23
Chinese Name – Shen Feng Western Name – Spirit Seal

KD24 Kidney24
Chinese Name – Ling Xu Western Name – Spirit Ruins

KD25 Kidney25
Chinese Name – Shen Cang Western Name – Spirit Storehouse

KD26 Kidney26
Chinese Name – Yu Zhong Western Name – Lively Center

KD27 Kidney27
Chinese Name – Shu Fu Western Name – Shu Mansion