The heart meridian is a yin meridian and is paired with the small intestine yang meridian. The heart’s physical job is to move blood, pumping and moving blood non-stop with every heartbeat. The heart has to be physically very strong and powerful because it has a constant job to keep pumping blood throughout the entire life of a person.

The mental and spiritual qualities of the heart are very powerful. A person with a healthy heart is a happy and grateful person and a person with a weak heart often leads a miserable life. In today’s modern societies, many people suffer from imbalances of the heart due to living lifestyles that are not in our hearts just to “pay the bills”. Modern society can also be very lonely for many people, which can also lead to a weak heart.

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Important Heart meridian points-

HT5 Connecting Li – this point is used frequently for speech and mouth problems; especially ones that stem from emotional imbalances such as anxiety and fear.

HT6 Yin Cleft – This point is used frequently to treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia and excessive sweating while sleeping.

HT7 Spirit Gate – This point can be very effective in treating many emotional and mental disorders such as addiction, anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

HT9 Lesser Surge – This is a Jing point and is usually only used in emergencies such as fainting or other extreme disorders caused by excessive heat.

List of Heart meridian points-

HT1 Heart1
Chinese Name – Ji Quan Western Name – Highest Spring

HT2 Heart2
Chinese Name – Qing Ling Western Name – Cyan Spirit

HT3 Heart3
Chinese Name – Shao Hai Western Name – Lesser Sea

HT4 Heart4
Chinese Name – Ling Dao Western Name – Spirit Pathway

HT5 Heart5
Chinese Name – Tong Li Western Name – Connecting Li

HT6 Heart6
Chinese Name – Yin Xi Western Name – Yin Cleft

HT7 Heart7
Chinese Name – Shen Men Western Name – Spirit Gate

HT8 Heart8
Chinese Name – Shao Fu Western Name – Lesser Mansion

HT9 Heart9
Chinese Name – Shao Chong Western Name – Lesser Surge