The gall bladder meridian is a yang meridian and is paired with the liver yin meridian. The gall bladder helps digest food and stores bile produced by the liver. The gall bladders element is wood, the color is green and the sense organ is the eye.

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Important Gall Bladder meridian points-

GB1 Pupil Bone Hole – this is a useful point for treating frontal headaches and eye disorders.

GB2 Auditory Convergence – this point is used frequently to treat ear problems and dizziness.

GB14 Yang White – this is a very important point for treating eye disorders and headaches.

GB20 Wind Pool – this point can help eliminate wind and cold and treat disorders such as common cold, dizziness and eye problems.

GB21 Shoulder Well – this point can be used to treat shoulder pain, occipital headaches and imbalances in the chest such as asthma.

GB24 Sun and Moon – this point can be used to treat certain upper abdominal symptoms such as vomiting, heartburn and acid reflux.

GB25 Capital Gate – this point can be used to dispel dampness from the kidney meridian and is useful for treating symptoms such as diarrhea and urinary retention

GB30 Jumping Round – this point can be used to help treat lower back pain and pain in the legs.

GB34 Yang Mound Spring – is a very important point in treating liver and mental disorders and is a useful point for pain in the joints and tendons.

GB37 Bright Light – this point can be used to disperse wind and dampness and also strengthen energy flow to the liver.

GB39 Suspended Bell – this point is frequently used to nourish the kidney yin, and the marrow in blood disorders.

GB40 Hill Ruins – this point can be useful in treating disorders and pain in the ankle joints.

GB41 Foot Overlooking Tears – this point is sometimes used to treat headaches, migraines and disorders in the ears.

List of Gall Bladder meridian points-

GB1 Gall Bladder1
Chinese Name – Tong Zi Liao Western Name – Pupil Bone Hole

GB2 Gall Bladder2
Chinese Name – Ting Hui Western Name – Auditory Convergence

GB3 Gall Bladder3
Chinese Name – Shang Guan Western Name – Upper Gate

GB4 Gall Bladder4
Chinese Name – Han Yan Western Name – Suspended Fullness

GB5 Gall Bladder5
Chinese Name – Xuan Lu Western Name – Suspended Skull

GB6 Gall Bladder6
Chinese Name – Xuan Li Western Name – Suspended Tuft

GB7 Gall Bladder7
Chinese Name – Qu Bin Western Name – Temporal Hairline

GB8 Gall Bladder8
Chinese Name – Shuai Gu Western Name – Valley Lead

GB9 Gall Bladder9
Chinese Name – Tian Chong Western Name – Celestial Hub

GB10 Gall Bladder10
Chinese Name – Fu Bai Western Name – Floating White

GB11 Gall Bladder11
Chinese Name – Tou Qiao Yin Western Name – Head Portal Yin

GB12 Gall Bladder12
Chinese Name – Wan Gu Western Name – Completion Bone

GB13 Gall Bladder13
Chinese Name – Ben Shen Western Name – Root Spirit

GB14 Gall Bladder14
Chinese Name – Yang Bai Western Name – Yang White

GB15 Gall Bladder15
Chinese Name – Tou Lin Qi Western Name – Head Overlooking Tears

GB16 Gall Bladder16
Chinese Name – Mu Chuang Western Name – Eye Window

GB17 Gall Bladder17
Chinese Name – Zheng Ying Western Name – Upright Construction

GB18 Gall Bladder18
Chinese Name – Cheng Ling Western Name – Spirit Container

GB19 Gall Bladder19
Chinese Name – Nao Kong Western Name – Brain Hollow

GB20 Gall Bladder20
Chinese Name – Feng Chi Western Name – Wind Pool

GB21 Gall Bladder21
Chinese Name – Jian Jing Western Name – Shoulder Well

GB22 Gall Bladder22
Chinese Name – Yuan Ye Western Name – Armpit Abyss

GB23 Gall Bladder23
Chinese Name – Zhe Jin Western Name – Sinew Seat

GB24 Gall Bladder24
Chinese Name – Ri Yue Western Name – Sun and Moon

GB25 Gall Bladder25
Chinese Name – Jing Men Western Name – Capital Gate

GB26 Gall Bladder26
Chinese Name – Dai Mai Western Name – Girdling Vessel

GB27 Gall Bladder27
Chinese Name – Wu Shu Western Name – Fifth Pivot

GB28 Gall Bladder28
Chinese Name – Wei Dao Western Name – Linking Path

GB29 Gall Bladder29
Chinese Name – Ju Liao Western Name – Squatting Bone Hole

GB30 Gall Bladder30
Chinese Name – Huan Tiao Western Name – Jumping Round

GB31 Gall Bladder31
Chinese Name – Feng Shi Western Name – Wind Market

GB32 Gall Bladder32
Chinese Name – Zhong Du Western Name – Central River

GB33 Gall Bladder33
Chinese Name – Xi Yang Guan Western Name – Knee Yang Gate

GB34 Gall Bladder34
Chinese Name – Yang Ling Quan Western Name – Yang Mound Spring

GB35 Gall Bladder35
Chinese Name – Yang Jiao Western Name – Yang Intersection

GB36 Gall Bladder36
Chinese Name – Wai Qui Western Name – Outer Hill

GB37 Gall Bladder37
Chinese Name – Guang Ming Western Name – Bright Light

GB38 Gall Bladder38
Chinese Name – Yang Fu Western Name – Yang Assistance

GB39 Gall Bladder39
Chinese Name – Xuan Zhong Western Name – Suspended Bell

GB40 Gall Bladder40
Chinese Name – Qiu Xu Western Name – Hill Ruins

GB41 Gall Bladder41
Chinese Name – Zu Lin Qi Western Name – Foot Overlooking Tears

GB42 Gall Bladder42
Chinese Name – Di Wu Hui Western Name – Earth Fivefold Convergence

GB43 Gall Bladder43
Chinese Name – Jia Xi Western Name – Pinched Ravine

GB44 Gall Bladder44
Chinese Name – Zu Qiao Yin Western Name – Foot Portal Yin