Acupuncture can help people in losing weight, but it cannot be considered as the only method of weight loss. Losing weight also requires a drastic change in one’s lifestyle. By having a healthy food diet, thorough exercise program and acupuncture treatment, one can yield significant weight loss.

In a research conducted and published in 2009, scientists made a progression study of over 3,000 individuals and found out that acupuncture played a role in losing and reducing body weight of the subjects. Although, the acupuncture treatment was also done with the accompanying proper nutritional diet and exercises. However, it was also proven that acupuncture can help in fastening a person’s metabolism by having continuous acupuncture sessions to go along with having a healthy lifestyle.

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Doctors can also provide acupuncture treatment to determine a person’s state of energy and health, with the digestive energy in particular and they can identify puffiness, peeling on stomach and cracks on your tongue and other body signs that could provide important clues as to why a person gains weight so easily.

Acupuncture also concentrates healing on certain points in our body that can help us lose weight faster. Here are some of the acupuncture points in the body that are considered significant for weight loss treatments:

Mouth – for those who have eating impulses and does smoking a lot
Stomach – for those who eats more even when they’re full already
Lung – for food, chocolate and sweet addicts
Shenmen – an acupuncture calming point to rid of anger, anxiety and frustration that contributes to over-eating
Endocrine – for water retention that helps in gaining weight
Adrenal and Ovary – for weight gain caused by P.M.S. or menopause
Spleen – for hormonal disturbances and sugar imbalances
Kidney – also for water retention, hormonal imbalances and the nervous system
Thyroid – to achieve slow metabolism

The acupuncture practitioner usually chooses two or more points for every treatment varying upon the person’s weight problem, physical state and personality regarding over-eating.The acupuncture treatment for weight loss depends on the person’s ideal weight. How much weight they want to have and how much they want to shed. If the patient’s overeating habits is very severe, the need for acupuncture therapy should be conducted every day for the first five days and then taper off the next week until it becomes every other day for the third week.
For the average patients wanting to lose a few pounds of their body, an acupuncture treatment once in every three days is ideal. Take note that acupuncture treatment only works when the patient is accompanying the treatment with the proper nutritional diet and regular habit of exercising. Acupuncture only helps speed up the process but is not the basis for the whole weight loss program.

Acupuncture helps patients in reducing stress thereby also reducing the urge to eat more foods as a person tends to over-eat while stressed with everyday tasks. Acupuncture also suggests and teaches stress reduction exercises such as tai chi, meditation and yoga, proven exercise associated with acupuncture that helps lose weight.
Acupuncture not only calm the nerves and cleanse our body system, it also helps us lose weight and promote a healthy and fun lifestyle.