Anxiety is the natural response of the body to a problem or a situation that creates stress. It is believed to be good for us as it keeps us alert and on our toes. But excessive anxiety is bad for our mental and physical health. Modern medicine system is not very effective in cases of anxiety and depression and there are side effects of drugs meant to calm down our nerves. Acupuncture is one alternate system of healing that has been found to be really effective in dealing with anxiety.

anxiety, woman

The reason why patients of anxiety have found acupuncture very effective is because of the principle on which acupuncture works. It believes that all ailments are a result of obstruction to the free flow of vital energy inside our bodies. This energy, called Chi flows through nearly 400 points through meridians and major organs have different points in the body of a person that correspond to energy flow. When inserting thin needles stimulates these points, the obstruction to flow of energy is removed and the person feels relaxed and free of tensions.

Different emotions bring out different symptoms in different people
Acupuncture believes that imbalance of this vital energy or life force inside our organs can lead to emotional symptoms exhibited by an individual. Some people are emotionally weaker than others and their pent up emotions come out under conditions of acute stress or emotional strain. When these people face a traumatic event or a situation, they show symptoms of anxiety disorder. When a person is in a state of continuous anger, his liver is the organ that is affected first. Similarly, other emotions affect other organs of the body. This is because every pent up emotion affects the flow of Chi or Qi in a different manner. When angry, Chi rises to shoulders and neck. When fearful or anxious, this energy goes down to knees. This is why we are weak in our knees when afraid while we have tight shoulders when angry.

Acupuncture tries to regularize the free flow of Chi in a person.
In acupuncture, the endeavor of the therapist while treating anxiety in a person is to regularize the flow of Chi. The energy system that is affected by the underlying anxiety of a person is sought to be rectified, thus removing the effect of anxiety in a much more holistic manner. When thin needles are inserted in the specific points in the body of the patient, the tension in the muscles of the person is removed thereby soothing or calming his nerves and muscles. More blood flow is possible to the affected muscle groups removing stress from these areas.

Good thing about using acupuncture for the treatment of anxiety is that not only the symptoms of the patient are relieved but the underlying cause of anxiety is removed thereby bringing long term relief from anxiety. Acupuncture tries to change the reaction pattern of a person to a stimulus that earlier brought on the symptoms of anxiety. The neurotransmitter serotonin that is believed to responsible for rise of anxiety in a person is produced in larger quantities when a person undergoes acupuncture.