40 million Americans suffer from this or the other form of seasonal allergies and looking for natural ways to get rid of their symptoms. Nearly a third of the population is seen taking drugs to counter the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, redness of eyes, watery eyes, cough etc. Chemicals from drugs often bring undesirable side effects, which is the reason why more people today are turning to alternate systems of healing, one of which is acupuncture, a part of The Traditional Chinese Medicine system (TCM).

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Allergic reactions are a result of deficiencies in major organs like lungs and kidneys
Acupuncture believes that defensive Qi is the energy that is disturbed when a person suffers from an allergy, and this is primarily due to the lung and kidney deficiencies (LU and KD). Qi is also spelled chi by some experts and it is the life energy that needs to be in balance for a person to feel healthy and fit. There is a system of ducts for the free flow of Qi. There are interconnected channels carrying Qi. These channels are referred to as meridians and every major organ has its own meridian system such as heart meridian, kidney meridian, and so on. There are nearly 400 points in the body of a person that are all connected with meridians. Providing stimulation to these points by insertion of needles can enhance the working of a specific meridian of an organ.

Acupuncture gets to the root cause depending upon symptoms of an individual
Acupuncture believes dampness to be the cause of allergies where water gets accumulated inside the body. It is the endeavor of a therapist to make a diagnosis whether heat or cold is causing allergic symptoms. On the basis of the diagnosis, the expert finalizes the points on the body of the patient and inserts needles during a session to bring relief from allergies. The most common points in the body for the treatment of allergies are UB2, LI20, LU7, and LI4. Some important treatment points for allergies are UB12 (to rectify wind ailments), UB13, and LI4 and LI 11(to help clear excess heat).

Most of the allergies have symptoms that start from the neck of the patient upwards as is the case with headaches, runny nose, watery eyes, irritation in eyes etc. This is enough to convey the impression that flow of energy from the neck down to the rest of the body is blocked. The endeavor of the expert is to remove blockage in the area above the neck so that the vital energy of the person flows in a natural and unhindered manner. Every individual is treated finalizing points in his body that are unique to his symptoms and this is where acupuncture scores over modern medicine system.