Acupuncture is one alternate medicine system that has been used for the treatment of acne for thousands of years in China and some other cultures. This therapy, which is a part of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that acne and other skin conditions are an expression of the heat imbalances inside the body of a person and can be easily treated by rectifying this imbalance of heat and energy.

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Acupuncture views acne in a holistic manner
Acupuncture treats acne as an expression of imbalance of hormones and emotions and takes into account physical as well as emotional factors in the case of an individual while deciding on the specific points in his body where needles are to be inserted for a session. Acne is believed to be a disorder of skin by western viewpoint but in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine it is considered to be a result of imbalance in heat and dampness inside the body of a person. This affects the organs namely spleen, stomach, and the lungs and the person exhibits the symptoms of acne.

Lung, stomach, and spleen are the organs paid special attention to
Our lungs play an important role in regulating heat inside our body, and applying pressure through needles to stimulate lungs helps in escaping of heat from acne. Another organ directly involved with heat system is our stomach. Heat inside stomach is good for digestion of foods but extra heat can be harmful that shows up in the form of oily and greasy skin, and also in the form of pimples and acne. The third and final organ that is sought to be regulated is spleen. When spleen is malfunctioning, dampness can get accumulated inside body leading to greasy skin that can cause pimples.

Any acupuncture specialist observes the symptoms of acne and takes note of the pulse, the tongue, and the condition of the sin of the person when trying to get to the root cause of the problem of acne. While mild case of acne can be treated using acupuncture alone, severe cases required treatment that makes use of Chinese herbs in addition to acupuncture.  Bai Zhu and yi yi ren are some of the herbs advised by the acupuncturist in addition to making use of needles to stimulate the organs to remove the heat. The patient is also advised to avoid oily foods.

Often the goal of acupuncture in dealing with acne is to remove excess heat from the organs of stomach and spleen of the individual. Many specific points can be located in the body of a patient suffering from acne but special emphasis is laid on LU 5 located on the elbow. Another point that is focused upon is stomach 36, which is found below the knee of the individual. In cases where acne is believed to be a result of menses, points like Li3 and Spleen 6 are chosen for the treatment of the person.